Students’ advocate

The students’ advocate is a person appointed by the university senate who can give assistance in resolving university related concerns involving a student in relation to another student, an administrator, or faculty member, allowing for objective consideration of all sides of an issue, while advising students on their rights and responsibilities within the context of university policies and procedures.

The students’ advocate conducts investigations either automatically or on student demand, while playing an intermediary role in resolving concerns addressed to the appropriate decision makers.

The students’ advocate is allowed to request the Institute in authority to give him/her access to all information, documents or other evidence relating to the case at issue, while investigating complainants, carrying out inspections or asking for experts’ testimonies. In cases such as failure to both respect general principles of law and act in accordance with principles of good administration, advocate offer mediation by all means with a view to resolving such problems. Yet, students’ exams and marking do not lie within their competence.

Emeritus Professor Sousana Papadopoulou acts as students’ advocate for the University of Crete.

Telephone Number: +30 2810 393832

Office C – 208 Mathematics Department Building


Students are entitled to lodge a formal complaint either through email  or by post in the following addresses:

- Rethymnon, to Ms Ioanna Tzantarolaki, tel: 28310 77904, Rector’s office, Senate Secretary

- Heraklion, to Ms Eva Michelidaki, in charge of the university advocate office secretariat, tel. 2810 393376, Administrative Services Building I, ground floor, left wing, 2nd office.